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Episode 179 – Scott McKain – Distinction / audio


Scott McKain (@ScottMcKain on twitter) joins host Craig Price about his book Create Distinction. Being unique is something we all strive for. So much so that it seems everyone is the doing the same things to be unique (think hipster beards and tribal tattoos). Scott talks about how companies makes themselves unique to attract customers, Craig repeats his anti-purple cow rant, how to figure out what to focus on to be distinctive (other than being great) and how small businesses can compete with big companies by being distinctive.  They also talk about how you need to know what your competition is before you can separate yourself from them. Far too many people don’t know what others are doing so they can stand out (I’m talking to you podcasters who don’t listen to podcasts!).

Scott can be found at the obvious http://ScottMcKain.com.  You can all find his book Create DistinctionWhat to Do When Great Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Business on amazon and all the regular places.


Episode 25 – Scott McKain – Motivation / audio

Episode 25 - Scott McKain - Motivation

Scott McKain, NSA Hall of Famer, comes on the podcast to discuss a topic Craig is usually loathe to talk about: Motivation. Not that Craig dislikes the topic but “Motivational Speakers”. Thankfully Scott is NOT one of those. Though he is a smooth sounding, content driven speaker with the ability to motivate! They discuss enthusiasm vs. motivation, dealing with large audiences, Craig invents a new term “Country Dropping” and near the end Scott turns the tables on Craig and starts interviewing him for a change!!

Learn more about Scott at his obviously named website http://www.scottmckain.com as well as his new book “Collapse of Distinction“.


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