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Episode 187 – 2016 Oscar Predictions / audio

2016 Oscar Predictions

Alan Cerny (@NordlingCS on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss their 2016 Oscar Predictions. Season 6 starts off like it has the last 5 years, with Craig and Alan predicting their choices for the 2016 Academy Awards, lamenting non-nominees, why someone should have or shouldn’t have been nominated as well as who they think WILL win and who they think SHOULD win. It looks like a rather boring year at the Academy in which Craig rants against Rachel McAdams, both Alan and Craig take issue with Leonardo Dicaprio’s snot-bubbled grunting and their mutual love of Mad Max: Fury Road.

Also, past guest and friend of the show, Thom Singer is in the middle of his annual fundraiser (all February) for the Kate Singer Endowment for Cranio-Facial Research. It’s a good cause and the money goes to the Dell Children’s Medical Center out of Austin and Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Please consider donating by clicking here to donate.


Episode 40 – 2012 Oscar Predictions / audio

Alan Cerny ( @NordlingAICN on twitter) joins Craig to talk Oscars. Covering the big 6 (Supporting Actress/Actor, Best Actress/Actor, Best Director and Best Picture) the duo talk why Andy Serkis deserves an award (but won’t get one), who got snubbed, who should win and who will win the 2012 Academy Awards. It’s movie lovers talking movies! A great way to start Season 2 of Reality Check.


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