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Episode 184 – Dr. John Charles – The Martian / audio

The Martian

Dr. John Charles (@csm014 on twitter) returns with host Craig Price to talk the reality of the movie The Martian. As we learned from his past episode, Dr. Charles works at NASA’s Human Research Program learning how to protect the delicate human body from the harsh reality of space travel. But what happens once we get there? The Matt Damon movie The Martian covers this and then some, speculating on how one man could survive on Mars for 500 days. It’s a great movie but how much of it is feasible? Craig and Dr. Charles discuss the power of duct tape, the magic of potatoes, how fine the dust and dirt on Mars actually is and how windy is it there. A  massive SPOILER ALERT is needed so if you haven’t seen the movie, go now and then come right back here to listen on what’s true and what is artistic license.

You can read Dr. Charles’ blog  astrocryptotriviology.blogspot.com, an occasional blog covering obscure but interesting minor aspects of spaceflight, and what they tell us about the grand human adventure that is space exploration.

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