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Guest Appearances - Reality Check with Craig Price

Guest Appearances

Hear Craig On Other Great Podcasts!

Craig discuss podcasting and preview his podcasting session (click to hear the actual session) at the National Speakers Association’s Influence 2015 Convention. July 2015

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Guest Appearance

David Newman invites Craig to talk about the power of podcasting AND how conferences and conventions can use podcasting to build buzz, excitement, and grow attendance – even on a shoestring budget. June 2013




The Virtual Presenter

Craig chats with past guest Roger Courville about using podcasts as a virtual presentation tool as well as a way to build credibility while showcasing your personality! July 2013





Craig appears (it’s video!) on”The Shut Up Show” with co-hosts Phil Gerbyshak and Bernie Xiong, which Craig calls a video support group for entrepreneurs to talk about why he got into podcasting and how he shut up (yeah right…in his case it’s just an expression) and just did a lot of strange things in his life. July 2013




Craig is on to gloat about the Patriots comeback against Denver on this episode of SocialLight with Deb Krier. He also takes time to talk podcasting, negative thinking and social media…in one single episode!! November 2013




Listen in as Craig shares how to use podcasting for events to make new friends, and build your business in the process. February 2015





Craig joins previous guest Thom Singer to discuss zoos, negativity, charity and how Craig had to guilt his way on to Thom’s podcast. June 2015





Cary the Metal Geek, and the voice from the other room, aka Riverdragon169 aka the wife check out the show, do some interviews, and host an impromptu Podcast recording with friends at the Space City Con which happened in Houston Texas July 24 – 26!  July 2015

Craig trekked over to the IdeaCharger Studios in The Woodlands, TX to talk negativity and why it matters to people who succeed with Scott Cooksey.
October 2015

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