Episode 83 – Ed Opperman – Digital Forensics / audio

Digital Forensics

Ed Opperman with Opperman Investigations, joins host Craig Price to discuss digital forensics. Digital forensics is the recovery and investigation of information found in digital devices and Ed’s company does just that. The world is full of sneaky people and not all of them are out doing the right things. Be it infidelity, cyber stalking or even email hacking, it often takes professionals like Ed to gather the digital evidence hidden away in smartphones, emails accounts and hard drives. Craig and Ed discuss how much information can be recovered from erased phones, how even people like the CIA Director David Petraeus can get caught, how Al-Qaeda communicates on free email accounts and even how crazy ex-girlfriends (or boyfriends) often hack into computers not to find evidence but to plant evidence! Yes, relationships can lead to some crazy, impulsive and possible illegal actions. Thankfully, Craig doesn’t have to worry about that with his wonderful and caring wife (she is listening, right?) 

Ed has also invented a method of Internet infidelity investigation that traces a persons email address to online dating personal ads, dating sites, social networks, porn site, cam site and escort site memberships. You can learn more about Ed at 


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