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Episode 225 – Steve Hughes – Engaging Presentations / audio

Engaging Presentations

Steve Hughes joins host Craig Price to discuss his 2017 Association of Legal Administrators Conference session on engaging presentations.

With Craig presenting 2 sessions – Leading from All Sides and Getting a Grip on Negativity – in Denver on April 4th, he wanted to make sure some other great speakers were showcased.  Steve talks to Craig about introductions, cell phones, powerpoint and more. You can learn more about Steve at

CM33: Captivate: Presentations That Engage and Win Over Today’s Distracted Audiences

Wednesday, April 5  3:00 PM – 4:15 PM
What if you were the most amazing presenter in the world? What if every time you stood up to suggest a new idea or propose a change, people would listen and act on your recommendations? The good news is that anyone can learn to captivate an audience and command a room. In this session, you’ll discover how to instantly build rapport with others, use your nervousness to your advantage and handle questions with confidence. Using the latest research and real-world success stories, you’ll walk away equipped and inspired to make a lasting impact within your firm.

• Outline how to grab people’s attention from your very first words and keep it throughout your presentation.
• Discover the secrets to being perceived as more confident.
• Explain how to field any question with poise and flair.
• Demonstrate how to use PowerPoint to be more compelling.

Audience Statement: This session assumes that participants have a working knowledge of communication skills in the legal industry. No advance preparation is required.


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