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Episode 77 – Jan Carpman – Wayfinding / audio

Reality Check with Craig Price - Episode 77 - Jan Carpman - Wayfinding

Author Jan Carpman (@JanCarpman on twitter) finds her way to the podcast to help define ‘wayfinding” or in English: The ability to find ones way.

Navigation can be tough enough when you’re trying to find an office building in a large downtown area but it can get real dicey when the GPS is telling you to take a long drive off a short pier (literally!!).

With Jan’s new book (co-authored with Myron Grant) “Directional Sense: How to Find Your Way Around”  she helps people of all ages and all skill levels.  Host Craig Price and Jan talk “Nature vs. Nurture”, do men ever ask for directions and how does navigational tools like GPS affect older people.

So grab your sextants and compasses, find a nice quiet spot to sit and listen (Google maps can help!) and learn how navigation (or wayfinding) can be a developed skill.

More information about Jan’s book can be found at http://www.directionalsense.com


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