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Episode 142 – Steve Lanore – Tornadoes / audio


Meteorologist Steve Lanore (@SteveLanore on Twitter) returns to discuss his new book on tornadoes with host Craig Price.  Flying cows and sharknadoes be damned! Craig and Steve get down to the reality of these devastating storms called Twisters. Steve’s new book, Twister Tales: Unraveling Tornado Myths is out and due to Craig’s lack of experience with tornadoes despite living at the tip of “Tornado Alley” he asks some of the basics: What conditions do you need to have tornadoes, how much can they lift, what’s the difference between a tornado and a water spout? The two also talk about some of the more popular myths related to tornados like: Does the sky turn green? Should you hide under an overpass or bridge? and more importantly…can Sharknado really happen?? (Yes, Craig asked this).

You can learn more about Steve and his book at http://www.stevelanore.com and order his book “Twister Tales: Unraveling Tornado Myths” from amazon and other major book outlets. Twister Tales looks at tornado myths and misconceptions and sets the record straight. Plus a “Be Weather Aware” sections help you put together a game plan before storms show up. This book is a must have if you like weather or science!

APP BONUS: Steve offers a 17 page preview of his book. Check it out today!


Episode 71 – Steve LaNore – Meteorology / audio

Steve LaNore (@SteveLanore on twitter) dispels some meteorological myths with Craig. Despite Craig’s disdain for some of the tactics used by TV weathermen, Steve (a working North Texas TV Meteorologist!) talks the truth about Heat Index and Wind Chill, do green skies mean tornadoes and why the forecast can change so rapidly. Steve also talks about his new e-book “Weather Wits and Science Snickers” available on Amazon.com.

You can also find Steve’s book on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/weatherwits


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