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Episode 207 – AJ Coots – Headshots / audio


AJ Coots (@AJCPhotography on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss storytelling headshots. Be it for your LinkedIn profile, your business cards, website or promotional material, if you are in business, at some point you will need professional headshots. What will your headshot say about you? Many people don’t even think about that before the get their pictures taken. They assume the photographer will snap a shot and they’ll be on their way.

AJ Coots specializes in storytelling headshots. Pictures that show people who you are immediately and what you are all about. Since many times our headshot is the first time someone looks at us, people make snap judgments on what they see. AJ and Craig discuss how to pick a photographer, what the difference is between typical headshot photography and editorial photography. They also discuss finding the “hero shot” and techniques to make you less self-conscious when getting your photo taken. Somehow Craig’s deflated bum is discussed and much more.

AJ Coots can be found at http://storytellingheadshots.com and is based out of Portland.


Episode 123 – Sylvie di Giusto – Professional Image / audio


Sylvie di Giusto (@sylviedigiusto on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss professional image. If you’re like Craig, hearing the term “image consultant” makes you think of executive make-overs and suit fittings with strange old men running measuring tapes into your crotch. But there is more to a professional image than just clothes. Sylvie and Craig talk about how you present yourself digitally, in person as well as socially. It’s not just looking good, but acting good and being perceived as a professional all while still being authentic to who you are. They also discuss the casualization (is that a word?) in the work place. Not just in appearance but in attitude as well. This image stuff is all pretty foreign to a jeans and ballcap guy like Craig but having the appropriate image at the proper time and proper position in the workplace is a reality of life and Sylvie offers some great advice.

You can learn more about Sylvie at www.executive-image-consulting.com


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