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Episode 101 – Jennifer Hancock – Workplace Bullies / audio

Workplace Bullies

Jennifer Hancock joins host Craig Price to discuss the workings of workplace bullies. If you’ve ever dealt with workplace bullies or have seen them in action, you know that they can be relentless, draining and frustrating people. And like a virus, their obnoxiousness can be debilitating. Which is why she wrote The Bully Vaccine: How to Innoculate Yourself Against Bullies and Other Petty PeopleJennifer and Craig talk about how to treat bullies (slapping them upside the head is a no-no. Whodathunkit??), techniques you can use to stop bullying effectively, how bullies and untrained animals are not dissimilar and other things you can do to stop bullying in the workplace. There are also some great tips on how kids can stop bullies as well.

Her book provides very specific and practical information on how exactly to go about ending bullying. The more you understand about the dynamic of what is happening, the better able you will be able to help yourself navigate the social situations you find yourself in. And the sooner you learn these skills, the better off you are going to be.

You can learn more about Jennifer at her aptly named website http://www.jen-hancock.com and her book can be found at Amazon.com



Episode 47 – Dr. Michael Nuccitelli – Cyberbullying / audio


Dr. Michael Nuccitelli talks cyberbullying with Craig on this week’s Reality Check. Be it texting, tweeting or trolling facebook statuses, “The Nuche!” as Craig gleefully calls Michael, discusses why kids bully, how to identify if you child is bullying or being bullied and introduces his new iPredator Protected membership based advisory services that works to protect, advise and educate online users, their families and businesses.

You can find out all about it at www.ipredator.co (no “m”!)


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