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Episode 48 – Crystal Washington – Social Media / audio

social media

Crystal Washington (@Cryswashington on twitter) joins Craig to discuss afroPuffs…yes afropuffs, being harassed by the TSA, tornado helmets and most importantly social media. With so many platforms popping up it can get confusing very quickly. Crystal talks platforms, strategies and maybe social media isn’t something you don’t need to be on every second of everyday.

Crystal can be found at her own website – http://www.crystalwashington.com


Episode 37 – Janine Iannarelli – Corporate Aviation / audio

Episode 37 - Janine Iannarelli - Corporate Aviation

Janine Iannarelli of Par Avion sets Craig straight on buying and selling corporate aircraft. No, Craig isn’t in the market, but after listening to him rant about is lack of faith in the TSA, the rude passengers and overbooked flights, you might want to give him one just to shut him up! Janine explains why you shouldn’t look at corporate jets as luxury items when they really do enhance productivity and why the corporate jet tax is just politics.

Janine’s aviation consultancy can be found at http://www.paravionltd.com


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