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Episode 137 – Shari Alexander – Influence / audio


Shari Alexander (@ShariAlexander on twitter) joins host Craig Price to talk about influence. Influence means many things to many people, people are always trying to be influential without being influenced. It’s a weird dynamic. Thankfully, Shari has researched and studied what even she calls the “Dark Arts” of influence to learn how to use it ethically and effectively in business. The two discuss con-men and cult leaders, how observation of both the body and content (what is being said)  is a key to understanding how to be influential, the possibility that Shari’s subconscious might sound just like Craig and some myths about lie detectors. If you want to be more influential in your life and your business, be sure to listen to this one!

You can learn more about Shari at her website http://ObserveConnectInfluence.com

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