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Episode 78 – Steve Rizzo – Attitude Shifting / audio

Episode 78 - Steve Rizzo - Attitude Shifting

Steve Rizzo (@RealSteveRizzo on twitter) visits the podcast to talk about his new book “Get Your Shift Together”. Host Craig Price and Steve talk about their experiences doing stand-up, the fear of success and when people put their happiness on hold. A National Speakers Association Hall of Fame speaker, Steve also talks about his time with Rodney Dangerfield, how accomplishment doesn’t equal happiness and why we need to keep a positive attitude if we want to shift toward success.

You can learn more about Steve’s book “Get Your SHIFT Together: How to Think, Laugh, and Enjoy Your Way to Success in Business and in Life” at Steve’s website http://www.SteveRizzo.com 


Episode 59 – Thom Singer – Networking / audio


Thom Singer (@thomsinger on twitter) returns to prep Craig on his networking skills for this year’s National Speaker Association’s Annual Convention (#NSA12). Thom is in for a tough time as Craig prefers not meeting new people, being alone and driving strangers away with his snarky wit. Thom explains some of the bad habits both new and veteran attendees fall into and how to make the most of any conference or meeting.

Thom is known at the “Conference Catalyst” and can be found at www.ThomSinger.com.


Episode 22 – Jonathan “Vinny Verelli” Schwartz – Characters / audio

Episode 22 - Jonathan "Vinny Verelli" Schwartz - Characters

Jonathan Schwartz has been called plenty of names, but the one most often that can be published is Vinny Verelli. Jon talks with Craig about theater, prison performances  their infamous pasts as mimes and most importantly, how Vinny Verelli came to be. Craig also talks about his crazy time on the road at the National Speaker’s Association in Anaheim and a chance encounter with a childhood icon, Frank Oz.

You can find more about Jon’s alter-ego at http://www.motivatethis.net as well as http://www.cookingwithvinny.com


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