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Episode 174 – David Forbes, PhD – Motivation Marketing / audio

Motivation Marketing

David Forbes, PhD. (@ForbesResearch on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discus the science behind motivation marketing. When it comes to motivation or marketing Craig recoils in horror, so many would assume the prospect of talking about marketing to motivation is torture. Not if you add a neuroscientist and member of the faculties of Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry and the Harvard Laboratory of Human Development to the mix. Craig like logic and science so getting David on to discuss the science of marketing was a no-brainer. Talking to the emotional brain can be difficult for many, but thankfully David lays out the 3 types of motivation and the 9 motives in his book “The Science of Why: Decoding Human Motivation and Transforming Marketing Strategy“.  The two discuss what kind of emotions qualify as motivation, why advertisers use puppies and half-naked ladies in their commercials (not the same commercial – that would be double strange) and how we can tap into those motivations when we market our services and products to the public.

You can learn more about David at http://www.forbesconsulting.com/

APP BONUS: Read a sample chapter of his book!


Episode 25 – Scott McKain – Motivation / audio

Episode 25 - Scott McKain - Motivation

Scott McKain, NSA Hall of Famer, comes on the podcast to discuss a topic Craig is usually loathe to talk about: Motivation. Not that Craig dislikes the topic but “Motivational Speakers”. Thankfully Scott is NOT one of those. Though he is a smooth sounding, content driven speaker with the ability to motivate! They discuss enthusiasm vs. motivation, dealing with large audiences, Craig invents a new term “Country Dropping” and near the end Scott turns the tables on Craig and starts interviewing him for a change!!

Learn more about Scott at his obviously named website http://www.scottmckain.com as well as his new book “Collapse of Distinction“.


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