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Episode 34 – Judy Blake – Autism / audio


Judy Blake returns to discuss her personal journey of raising 2 children with Autism. She and Craig talk about the misguided stereotypes placed on autistic children, how there are varying degrees of the “Autistic Spectrum” and how a single mother raises two boys with special needs and keeps her sanity. All Craig knows is he isn’t doing nearly enough each day compared to the crazy-busy Judy and he probably needs to pick up the pace!

Find more about Judy and her book “Judy’s World: The World of Autism through a Mother’s Eyes” at http://www.judysworld.info/


Episode 17 – Judy Blake – Cirque Imagination / audio

Episode 17 - Judy Blake - Cirque Imagination

Judy Blake of Cirque Imagination drops by to explain how people flying through your event and spinning nearly to their death at regular intervals can make an event even better! She explains there’s so much more happening behind the scenes that hopefully you’ll never notice that makes an event memorable. After talking about the very athletic and talented performers, Craig immediately pulled a muscle unplugging his laptop and needed bed rest for a week.

Find out more about Judy’s company at http://www.cirqueimagination.com


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