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Episode 43 – Miriam Goodman – Retirement / audio


Miriam Goodman (@miriamgwrites on twitter) joins Craig to discuss her latest book “Too Much Togetherness” which is about what happens after you retire .They talk about tolerating each other all day every day, how women should stand up for themselves, traditional roles causing conflict, depression…all things that make retirement so much fun!

You can find more about Miriam’s great new book at TooMuchTogetherness.com.


Episode 42 – Ralph Peterson – Housekeeping / audio


Ralph Peterson (@SpeakerRalphP on Twitter) reunites with Craig to talk housekeeping management. Craig was a guest on Ralph’s The Housekeeper’s Podcast (episode 316) so it’s only fair that Ralph returns the favor. They talk tipping hotel housekeepers, Craig’s disdain for a world that is becoming too specialized and how to deal with workers who would rather being doing a different job.

You can find Ralph at http://www.ralphpeterson.com


Episode 41 – Avish Parashar – Say Yes, And! / audio

Say Yes

Avish Parashar (@AvishP on twitter) returns to chat about his latest book “ Say Yes, And ” while Craig tries not to be a “No, But” kind of person. They talk about The Hero’s Journey, using “Yes, And” in business as well as why meetings are the best place to start “Yes, And”-ing. You can find Avish’s new book at Amazon or directly via sayyesand.com


Episode 39 – Holly Duckworth – Gratitude / audio


Holly Duckworth of Leadership Solutions International joins Craig on the season finale to discuss gratitude. They delve into vital issues like Craig’s monkey-like handwriting, volunteering one’s time, keeping an “Oprah Journal” (yeah…Craig had a hard time with the name too) as well as just figuring out some ways to better express one’s gratitude. It’s an appropriate way to end 2011 for the podcast!

Holly can be found at http://www.hollyduckworth.com (where else?!).

See you in 2012!!


Episode 38 – Holiday Movie Preview / audio

Episode 38 - Holiday Movie Preview

Alan Cerny (Nordling from Ain’t it Cool News) returns by popular demand to talk about all the great movies coming out this holiday season. Oscar bait is chumming the waters as well as action flicks and kids movies. Throw in some great directors like Scorcese and Spielberg along with superstars Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. and George Clooney and you have Craig and Alan happily talking movies!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


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