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Episode 48 – Crystal Washington – Social Media / audio

social media

Crystal Washington (@Cryswashington on twitter) joins Craig to discuss afroPuffs…yes afropuffs, being harassed by the TSA, tornado helmets and most importantly social media. With so many platforms popping up it can get confusing very quickly. Crystal talks platforms, strategies and maybe social media isn’t something you don’t need to be on every second of everyday.

Crystal can be found at her own website – http://www.crystalwashington.com


Episode 47 – Dr. Michael Nuccitelli – Cyberbullying / audio


Dr. Michael Nuccitelli talks cyberbullying with Craig on this week’s Reality Check. Be it texting, tweeting or trolling facebook statuses, “The Nuche!” as Craig gleefully calls Michael, discusses why kids bully, how to identify if you child is bullying or being bullied and introduces his new iPredator Protected membership based advisory services that works to protect, advise and educate online users, their families and businesses.

You can find out all about it at www.ipredator.co (no “m”!)


Episode 46 – Arnold Richie – Real Estate / audio

real estate

Arnold Richie, long time Houston realtor, joins Craig in a more locally based show than normal. Craig asks the hard hitting questions like what is a short-sell, why are agents even necessary and most importantly: do you have to disclose ghosts? Arnold patiently answers Craig’s dumb question with poise and insight.

You can also go to Arnold’s second love Upstage Theatre to get tickets to fantastic live shows as well!


Episode 45 – KK Robbins – Lying / audio


KK Robbins (@kk_robbins on twitter) discusses with Craig how we lie to ourselves. Responsibility and accountability rear their ugly heads as KK explains to Craig how we lie more to ourselves than to others. This leads Craig to doubt himself ever more. Who knows, he could be lying to himself RIGHT NOW!

Learn more about KK Robbins and her book “Life Lessons of a Liar” at


Episode 44 – Gina Abudi – Project Management / audio

Project Management

Gina Abudi (@GinaAbudi on twitter) talks to Craig about Project Management. Since Gina is the current president of the Mass Bay Project Management Institute, who better to explain about what project management is, how it can be applied to small business and how important risk management is to any project.

You can learn more about Gina at her aptly named website http://www.ginaabudi.com.


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