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Episode 76 – 2013 Oscar Predictions with Alan Cerny / audio

2013 Oscar Predictions

A new season of Reality Check with Craig Price returns with Ain’t it Cool News Alan Cerny (@NordlingAICN on twitter) to talk about their 2013 Oscar predictions.

They cover the 2013 Oscar nominees for Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Director and Best Picture, giving their picks for who will win and who should win (they’re not always the same thing!)

Check back on the 24th to see how Craig and Alan’s 2013 Oscar Predictions do.


Episode 74 – Richard Zimmerman – Orangutan Outreach / audio

Orangutan Outreach Week

Orangutan Outreach (@redapes on Twitter) Executive Director Richard Zimmerman joins Craig to celebrate Orangutan Caring Week! The two don’t monkey around when the talk about the plight of the orangutans. From the destruction of their habitat to illegal pet trade, orangutans have the chips stacked against them. Thankfully, Orangutan Outreach is there to help.

Please donate to this worthy cause by going to http://redapes.org and giving generously.


Episode 70 – Mike Dilbeck – Response Ability / audio

Response Ability

Mike Dilbeck ( @ResponseAbility on twitter ) joins Craig to discuss Mike’s Response Ability Project. Bystander behavior is very common but Mike and Craig discuss how to breakout of standing by and doing something. Together, they cover issues like racism, cutting, are police and fireman heroes and that’s just the start.

You can find out about Mike and the Response Ability Project at http://www.RAProject.org


Episode 67 – Barry Elms – Negotiation / audio

Barry Elms calls in to talk negotiations with Craig. Barry explains that negotiation is more than just talk money and explains his 5 elements and 6 strategies to negotiating while Craig tries to understand that not everyone just “pays list or leaves”! See Craig and Barry at the Association of Legal Administrators Region 2 conference in Atlanta on Sept. 27th.

Barry can be found on LinkedIn and his own website http://www.BarryElms.com


Episode 66 – Aidan Crawford – Book Marketing / audio

Aidan Crawford (@AidanCrawford on twitter) joins Craig to discuss marketing books in today’s world. Be it on kindle or on a bookshelf at Barnes and Nobles (are they still open??) Aidan offers Craig some tips and ideas on how you can market a book, especially if it’s NOT about vampires or spanking. Be it giving it away piece by piece, making videos for YouTube or using LinkedIn groups, there’s something in here for every author.

You can find Aidan via his company website http://www.shortcircuitmedia.com.


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