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Episode 87 – Mike Domitrz – Teen Dating / audio

Teen Dating

Mike Domitrz (@DateSafeProject on twitter) of the Date Safe Project joins host Craig Price to discuss Teen Dating. No dating advice here, not for the teens anyway. Mike and Craig try and help parents talk to their kids about sex, porn, dating and intimacy. You read that right, Craig is talking about all those things, which is why podcasts are great for covering up blushing hosts. Times have changes since Craig was a teen (back in the 80’s) and parents need more help than ever. With the Date Safe project, Mike is taking his message of respect, consent and boundaries to teens across the world. But we all know proper attitudes start at home and with the parents.  Mike offers helpful tips for getting kids to talk to them about sex, mistakes parents make when giving “the talk” and clearing up some common misconceptions. If you have tweens or teens, this is a must listen for you.

The Date Safe Project, Inc. – hhttp://www.thedatesafeproject.org – provides parents, educators, educational institutions, students, military installations, community organizations, state agencies, faith-based institutions, and federal government resources, educational materials, and programming addressing consent, healthy intimacy, sexual education, sexual assault awareness, bystander intervention, and support for sexual assault survivors. 


Episode 86 – Ben Neiburger – Estate Planning / audio

Estate Planning

Ben Neiburger (@GenerationLaw on twitter) talks with host Craig Price about estate planning. No one likes to talk about dying or the death of a loved one, but as America ages, it is becoming more important each day to make sure your affairs are in order. Ben and Craig talk elderly parents, what happens to assets when only one spouse has their name on it, how to prepare for the future and when. They also talk about not only making sure you know what to do with your finances but also what to do if you are incapacitated.

It can all be gone in an instant and leaving the burden of navigating the legal system while grieving can be overwhelming. It’s never too soon to think about the future, the what ifs and making sure your loved ones are taken care of if the worst happens.

Ben Neiburger not only is an expert on Estate Planning, his practice at http://www.GenerationLaw.com covers all aspects of elderly care, will and trust administration as well as estate and guardianship litigation.


Episode 85 – Roger Courville – Virtual Presentations / audio

Virtual Presentations

Roger Courville (@RogerCourville on Twitter) connects with host Craig Price to discuss Virtual Presentations. With the rise of the internet (sounds like a cheesy action movie!) social media and mobile technology, more and more presentations are coming off the stage and being created online. Roger and Craig talk about some of the growing pains of webinars and it’s ilk, how to get audiences attention when they’re not in the room and how to create more interaction via these programs. Roger answers some loaded questions submitted by loyal listeners and tries to show that even though some virtual presentations may be painful to experience now, don’t blame the tools, blame the presenters. He also offers some tools for presenters who offer online presentations as well as insights on which are more effective than others.

Roger can be found at http://www.thevirtualpresenter.com 


Episode 84 – Michael Krause – Sales Prospecting / audio

Sales Prospecting

Michael Krause (@SalesSense on Twitter) talks to host Craig Price about sales prospecting. It’s no secret that to make sales you need to find people who will buy from you. But who do you contact? How often? When does it cross the line from persistence to the awkward unwanted advances of a stalker? Michael has made it easy with his book “Smart Prospecting That Works Every Time!: Win More Clients with Fewer Cold Calls“. Michael set out a process with Craig on “touch” frequency since prospecting isn’t just calling on the phone, but could be direct mail, email, passenger pigeon (if you have the budget)…pretty much any way you can get your service or product in front of potential buyers. And while sales prospecting can be a numbers game, Michael really gets to the heart of the issue when he talks about following up, something most people don’t do or do poorly. They also talk about how too many sales prospectors ruin the experience for your potential buyers and what you need to build trust. If you’re a new or even an experienced sales person, this podcast has something for you.

Michael can be found at his professional website http://www.MDKRause.com


Episode 83 – Ed Opperman – Digital Forensics / audio

Digital Forensics

Ed Opperman with Opperman Investigations, joins host Craig Price to discuss digital forensics. Digital forensics is the recovery and investigation of information found in digital devices and Ed’s company does just that. The world is full of sneaky people and not all of them are out doing the right things. Be it infidelity, cyber stalking or even email hacking, it often takes professionals like Ed to gather the digital evidence hidden away in smartphones, emails accounts and hard drives. Craig and Ed discuss how much information can be recovered from erased phones, how even people like the CIA Director David Petraeus can get caught, how Al-Qaeda communicates on free email accounts and even how crazy ex-girlfriends (or boyfriends) often hack into computers not to find evidence but to plant evidence! Yes, relationships can lead to some crazy, impulsive and possible illegal actions. Thankfully, Craig doesn’t have to worry about that with his wonderful and caring wife (she is listening, right?) 

Ed has also invented a method of Internet infidelity investigation that traces a persons email address to online dating personal ads, dating sites, social networks, porn site, cam site and escort site memberships. You can learn more about Ed at  http://www.EmailRevealer.com 


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