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Episode 123 – Sylvie di Giusto – Professional Image / audio


Sylvie di Giusto (@sylviedigiusto on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss professional image. If you’re like Craig, hearing the term “image consultant” makes you think of executive make-overs and suit fittings with strange old men running measuring tapes into your crotch. But there is more to a professional image than just clothes. Sylvie and Craig talk about how you present yourself digitally, in person as well as socially. It’s not just looking good, but acting good and being perceived as a professional all while still being authentic to who you are. They also discuss the casualization (is that a word?) in the work place. Not just in appearance but in attitude as well. This image stuff is all pretty foreign to a jeans and ballcap guy like Craig but having the appropriate image at the proper time and proper position in the workplace is a reality of life and Sylvie offers some great advice.

You can learn more about Sylvie at www.executive-image-consulting.com


Episode 122 – Kirby Lammers – Mind, Body and Business / audio

Mind, Body and Business

Kirby Lammers (@kirbydynabiz on twitter) returns to discuss his book Mind, Body and Business: The New Generation of Leaders with host Craig Price. Leadership and leadership styles need to adapt for businesses to thrive if not just survive. Kirby and Craig discuss the first book in a series on leadership in which they discuss Ted Williams, managers vs. leaders, grooming potential and how to properly return a failed leader back into their original position. Kirby’s book aims to energize the workforce, strengthen business with a “FEEL GOOD” environment, increase morale, produce passion and purpose, provide a sustainable motivation, reduce employee turnover and build a culture for prevention of disease and illnesses. And if anyone has the personality for it, Kirby sure does! It’s been almost 120 episodes but Kirby is back and ready for more.

You can learn more about Kirby, his book and his executive coaching at http://www.mindbodyandbusiness.com/ 


Episode 121 – Connie Allen – Casinos / audio


Connie Allen joins host Craig Price to talk about casinos and her life as a blackjack dealer. Gambling can be fun or can be destructive. Thankfully, Craig and casinos fit firmly in the fun category and he deals straight with Connie about cheating, misconceptions people have about casinos, proper gambling table etiquette and much more. Her new book The Casino through a Dealer’s Eyes covers the rules of many common casino games, money management and various table game techniques. There’s more to casinos than just walking and throwing your money away. It can be a really great time if you have the right perspective!

You can learn more about Connie and her book at www.thecasinothroughadealerseyes.tateauthor.com


Episode 119 – Dawnna St. Louis – Confidence / audio


Dawnna St. Louis (@DawnnaStLouis on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss confidence. Typically, Craig wouldn’t have a speaker come talk about confidence because it usually ends up in the realm of unicorn fart and rainbows. You know, too much fluff not enough real stuff. But Dawnna proves her ideas on confidence and entrepreneurship are more than grounded in reality. The two realists talk about her soon to be released book “Mojo Mogul“,  Steve Jobs, Hitler (not at the same time!), what are gut feelings and intuition and how there is more to confidence than being over-confident. It’s a wide ranging episode that covers many issues entrepreneurs face every day on their way to mogul-dom. 

You can learn all about Dawnna at her obviously named website  http://www.dawnna.com – She’s like Prince, Cher and Sade! 


Episode 118 – Nancy Hartwell – Human Trafficking / audio

Human Trafficking

Nancy Hartwell joins host Craig Price to discuss the horrors of human trafficking. Craig puts aside his goofiness to talk about a serious subject that many may not know is still going on. The two discuss what kinds of women are targeted, how they are coerced into bad situations and what it is like living the life of a sex slave. 

Nancy has gathered storied from over four decades of research and combined them into The Human Trafficking Seriesa true-based fictional series of books that take an inside look at what victims of human trafficking really live through. Presented in a matter-of-fact, restrained tone, they describe the daily horrors of enslavement and how the people who find themselves in this unthinkable situation try to cope. 

You can learn more about Nancy and her works at http://www.NancyHartwell.com and her books are currently available on Amazon.com.


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