Episode 74 – Richard Zimmerman – Orangutan Outreach / audio

Orangutan Outreach Week

Orangutan Outreach (@redapes on Twitter) Executive Director Richard Zimmerman joins Craig to celebrate Orangutan Caring Week! The two don’t monkey around when the talk about the plight of the orangutans. From the destruction of their habitat to illegal pet trade, orangutans have the chips stacked against them. Thankfully, Orangutan Outreach is there to help.

Please donate to this worthy cause by going to and giving generously.



[…] believe I’ve done so many podcasts. To date, I have spoken to 80 different experts from Orangutan rescue to FBI agents to movie critics to meteorologists with dozens of top notch business experts in a […]

[…] episode is also being used to raise money for Orangutan Outreach! Past guest Richard Zimmerman’s Apps of Apes is being utilized by the Houston Zoo so Craig thought […]

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