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Episode 27 – Jessica Pettitt – Social Diversity / audio

Episode 27 - Jessica Pettitt - Social Diversity

Jessica Pettitt comes to discuss Social Justice and Social Diversity as well as to get Craig to self-reflect and understand the world around him. She talks about the importance of humanizing our role models, taking accountability for social injustice in society as well as explaining to Craig the difference between Geeks, Nerds and Dorks.

Learn more about Jessica and her great programs at and “like” her “I Am…Social Diversity and Justice” page on Facebook.


Episode 26 – Tim Mathy – Speakers Bureaus / audio

Episode 26 - Tim Mathy - Speakers Bureaus

Tim Mathy, partner at Speak Inc. speakers bureau, offers up a true reality check for speakers wanting to get involved with a bureau. From incessant calls to unsolicited mailings, Tim dispels myths many speakers have about bureaus and let’s Craig know exactly what he’s looking for in a speaker (hint: What the Client wants!!) and how he prefer’s speakers contact him (Answer: He doesn’t.) Craig somehow manages to avoid being blacklisted from Tim’s Bureau (he thinks so anyway) while asking honest questions. A great interview for new speakers breaking in or looking to get into the business.

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Episode 25 – Scott McKain – Motivation / audio

Episode 25 - Scott McKain - Motivation

Scott McKain, NSA Hall of Famer, comes on the podcast to discuss a topic Craig is usually loathe to talk about: Motivation. Not that Craig dislikes the topic but “Motivational Speakers”. Thankfully Scott is NOT one of those. Though he is a smooth sounding, content driven speaker with the ability to motivate! They discuss enthusiasm vs. motivation, dealing with large audiences, Craig invents a new term “Country Dropping” and near the end Scott turns the tables on Craig and starts interviewing him for a change!!

Learn more about Scott at his obviously named website as well as his new book “Collapse of Distinction“.


Episode 24 – Judson Laipply – The Evolution of Dance / audio

Episode 24 - Judson Laipply - The Evolution of Dance

Judson Laipply stops by to not only discuss his internet video sensation “The Evolution of Dance”, but also talks about the Evolution of Judson as a speaker. Craig tries to figure out how he can become as wildly popular as Judson as well as learning what it’s like to meet Oprah, go on the Today show and dance with Daniel Tosh.

You can learn all about Judson and his great programs at and if you’re one of the 7 people who haven’t seen it yet, check out his YouTube video that launched him “The Evolution of Dance


Episode 23: Kirstin Carey – Gluten-Free Living / audio

Episode 23 - Kirsten Carey - Gluten-Free Living

Kirstin Carey, owner of Nourish restaurant and creator of this week’s Gluten-Free Expo and Conference in Scottsdale, joins Craig to discuss some of the effects caused by gluten allergies, how hard it is to find good gluten-free places to eat and why she felt the need to start a conference around the whole issue. Craig asks the deep, pressing questions like why gluten-free cakes taste so bad and how can he get the VIP treatment whenever he finally gets to Kirstin’s restaurant.

Learn more about the conference and Kirstin’s restaraunt Nourish at


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