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Episode 13 – Dayna Steele – Branding / audio

Episode 13 - Dayna Steele - Branding

Texas Radio Hall of Famer Dayna Steele joins Craig to talk branding. Having a Hall of Famer on the podcast certainly made Craig intimidated but thankfully Dayna is the most accessible person you could meet. She discusses her Radio DJ background, some rock star tales and how branding is everywhere, even if you try to run from it. WARNING: Reality Check is not responsible from any injury caused be all the name dropping Craig and Dayna do.

Dayna Steele can be found at


Episode 12 – Gordon Quan – Immigration / audio

Episode 12 - Gordon Quan - Immigration

Gordon Quan enlightens Craig on the “reality” of immigration issues such as amnesty, “Anchor Babies”, Alanis Morrisette…and that’s just the A’s! With immigration being one of the hot button issues in the coming election season, this is one “Reality Check” you don’t want to miss!

Learn more about Gordon’s immigration firm at


Episode 11 – The O’Shea Report – Partnership / audio

Episode 11 - The O'Shea Report - Partnership

The O’Shea Report (Tim and Kris O’Shea) stop by for some fun and foolishness. In the process they show us how a true partnership works; the ups, the downs, the bickering and the trust that the other person will be there, good or bad. All while Craig secretly tries to find a way in as an O’Shea Report correspondent.

You can find great videos and learn more at


Episode 10 – Stacey Hanke – Communication / audio

Episode 10 - Stacey Hanke - Communications

Stacey Hanke shows Craig that even a professional speaker needs to brush up on their communications skills. Highlighting confidence, charisma, knowledge…you know, all the things Craig lack… Stacey discusses how best to utilize the tools (PowerPoint, notes, video analysis) any speaker (professional or not) can use to be more effective. They also reflect on the lack of writing skills in the workplace thanks to Twitter , texts and e-mail.

Learn more about Stacey at


Episode 9 – Thom Singer – Publishing / audio

Episode 9 - Thom Singer - Publishing

After arguing a bit about Houston vs. Austin and having kids vs. owning a dog, Thom and Craig talk about the trials and tribulations of publishing a book. Craig shares some of his experiences going through the process when he published his own book while Thom explains things through the publishers point of view.

You can find more about Thom at his website and New Year Publishing at


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