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Episode 32 – Ezra Charles – Music / audio

Episode 32 - Ezra Charles - Music

Ezra Charles talks with Craig about writing songs, arranging music and knowing that the shower is the best place to think about horns. While Craig can’t sing or play any instrument, he does appreciate an entertainer when he sees one, which is why he gets Ezra to play some piano and talk about his life as inventor and musician!

Included in this podcast is the great song “88 Answers“.

Ezra Charles and the Works can be found at Join him on facebook too!


Episode 31 – Avish Parashar – Improvisation / audio

Episode 31 - Avish Parashar - Improvisation

Avish Parashar stops by to talk about improvisation. He and Craig discuss being Indian, using comedy to pick-up women (Spoiler: You can’t!) improv as a tool and how being authentic and in the moment can lead to performance magic.

Avish is also hosting a 4 day workshop in Las Vegas Oct. 13-16. Visit for more information. You can also learn more about Avish at his blog and


Episode 30 – Shawn Doyle – Sales / audio

Episode 30 - Shawn Doyle - Sales

Shawn Doyle, sales expert from New Light Learning and Development, sits down with a frustrated Craig as they talk sales. Shawn tries to get Craig over his disdain for sales, all while trying to sell Craig’s own book to him! They touch on prospecting, NASCAR, following-up and why you need to know so much before you even make a sales call.

Shawn can be found on twitter @Motiv8er as well as his website Also look for his new book The Soul Survivor in stores now!


Episode 29 – Anastasia Turchetta – Dental Health / audio

Episode 29 - Anastasia Turchetta - Dental Health

Anastasia Turchetta joins Craig and covers a wide array of dental topics. From HPV to oral sex to the trauma Craig had with dental scaling to how cool digital x-rays are. Plus you learn all about Craig’s personal oral hygiene! You can’t miss that!! If you have a mouth and that mouth has teeth, you need to check this podcast out.

Head over to Anastasia’s YouTube channel to get her weekly dental videos!


Episode 28 – Chip Lutz – Service / audio

Episode 28 - Chip Lutz - Service

LCDR Chip Lutz, USN(Ret), MSEd, CLL (whew, that’s a lot of letters!) joins Craig to discuss his 22 years of service in the Navy, where he was on 9/11, how the war in the Middle East made him a single parent (not what you think!) and why a little laughter can go a long way.

Learn more about Chip at and follow him on twitter @chiplutz


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