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Episode 23: Kirstin Carey – Gluten-Free Living / audio

Episode 23 - Kirsten Carey - Gluten-Free Living

Kirstin Carey, owner of Nourish restaurant and creator of this week’s Gluten-Free Expo and Conference in Scottsdale, joins Craig to discuss some of the effects caused by gluten allergies, how hard it is to find good gluten-free places to eat and why she felt the need to start a conference around the whole issue. Craig asks the deep, pressing questions like why gluten-free cakes taste so bad and how can he get the VIP treatment whenever he finally gets to Kirstin’s restaurant.

Learn more about the conference and Kirstin’s restaraunt Nourish at


Episode 22 – Jonathan “Vinny Verelli” Schwartz – Characters / audio

Episode 22 - Jonathan "Vinny Verelli" Schwartz - Characters

Jonathan Schwartz has been called plenty of names, but the one most often that can be published is Vinny Verelli. Jon talks with Craig about theater, prison performances  their infamous pasts as mimes and most importantly, how Vinny Verelli came to be. Craig also talks about his crazy time on the road at the National Speaker’s Association in Anaheim and a chance encounter with a childhood icon, Frank Oz.

You can find more about Jon’s alter-ego at as well as


Episode 21 – Sean Thompson – Filmmaking / audio

 Episode 21 - Sean Thompson - Filmmaking

Sean K. Thompson, filmmaker, novelist, actor and overall creative talent de jour, sits down with former cast mate Craig to talk about looking like frumpy character actors, bad skits from the past, as well as Sean’s latest project “Deck Chairs”. All while Craig tries to subtly and blatantly convince Sean to cast him as the star of his next film.

Find more about Sean at


Episode 20 – Summer Movie Preview Spectacular / audio

Episode 20 - Summer Movie Preview

Alan “Nordling” Cerny from Ain’t it Cool News returns to preview the upcoming summer movies with Craig. They talk Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Captain America and superhero movies, their mutual love of Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom, Cowboys and Aliens’ promise of a revitalized Harrison Ford as wells Rise of the Planet of the Apes and others.

As always, follow Alan on twitter @NordlingAICN


Episode 19 – Alan “Nordling” Cerny – Movies / audio

Episode 19 - Alan Cerny - Movies

Alan Cerny, otherwise known as “Nordling”, one of the great movie reviewers of Ain’t It Cool News joins Craig to talk about their favorite subject: Movies! They discuss the letter Steven Spielberg sent Alan after a touching review of E.T., Craig’s dislike of Cher, visiting Skywalker Ranch and dealing with talkback Trolls. A great interviewer in his own right, Alan had his hands full steering Craig to remain on subject. Yet somehow a fun and engaging interview is the end result!

You can follow Alan on twitter @NordlingAICN


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