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Episode 37 – Janine Iannarelli – Corporate Aviation / audio

Episode 37 - Janine Iannarelli - Corporate Aviation

Janine Iannarelli of Par Avion sets Craig straight on buying and selling corporate aircraft. No, Craig isn’t in the market, but after listening to him rant about is lack of faith in the TSA, the rude passengers and overbooked flights, you might want to give him one just to shut him up! Janine explains why you shouldn’t look at corporate jets as luxury items when they really do enhance productivity and why the corporate jet tax is just politics.

Janine’s aviation consultancy can be found at


Episode 36 – Meryl Hooker – Customer Service / audio

Episode 36 - Meryl Hooker - Customer Service

Meryl Hooker braves the interwebs for Craig’s first skype based interview. They not only discuss customer service but listening skills, Craig’s dislike of automated telephone systems and how to deal with crazy people (no…not Craig!)

You can find Meryl on twitter @MerylHooker as well as her own originally named website


Episode 35 – Michael Contreras – Paranormal Researcher / audio

Episode 35 - Michael Contreras - Paranormal Researcher

Michael Contreras from the South Texas Apparition Research Society (S.T.A.R.S for short!) visits Craig on this Halloween edition Reality Check. They discuss hauntings, tools of the trade, some disturbing events that Michael and his wife had in a creepy house as well as Craig’s overwhelming skepticism. Feel free to leave your paranormal experiences on the website comments at or email craig your story at


Episode 34 – Judy Blake – Autism / audio


Judy Blake returns to discuss her personal journey of raising 2 children with Autism. She and Craig talk about the misguided stereotypes placed on autistic children, how there are varying degrees of the “Autistic Spectrum” and how a single mother raises two boys with special needs and keeps her sanity. All Craig knows is he isn’t doing nearly enough each day compared to the crazy-busy Judy and he probably needs to pick up the pace!

Find more about Judy and her book “Judy’s World: The World of Autism through a Mother’s Eyes” at


Episode 33 – Liam Dunfey – College Admissions / audio

College Admissions

Liam Dunfey of University Advisors Admission Specialists¬†joins Craig in Boston to talk about higher learning. More importantly, how to get into institutions of higher learning. They discuss selecting the right school, Craig’s horrible grades and how applying to college isn’t as the same as when Craig applied years ago.

You can learn more about Liam’s company University Advisors Admission Specialists at


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