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Episiode 57 – Cindy Maher – Multi-Generational Workforces / audio

multi-generational workforces

Cindy Maher joins the podcast to talk about something Craig finally has a clue about: Multi-Generational Workforces! From fresh-faced Millennials to never-retiring Baby Boomers, the two discuss how to get 4 generations in the same environment to work together. Cindy (along with her business partner Carol Grannis) will be presenting this topic on June 25th at the IPMA-HR Eastern Region Conference in Hyannis.

Cindy and Carol can be found at


Episode 56 – Alice Waagen – Delegation / audio


Alice Waagen, PhD (@AliceWaagen on Twitter) talks to Craig about delegation. Not only do we learn about why we need to delegate and share work to build better teams but we learn Craig’s bronchial medication makes him forget big college type words. Serves him right for trying to sound smart! Alice will be at the IPMA-HR Eastern Region conference presenting on June 25th.

You can learn more about Alice at her company


Episode 55 – Wally Hauck, PhD – Feedback / audio


Wally Hauck (@wallyhauck on twitter) offers up some insight into feedback. Feedback can be a landmine for many, especially if you’re not comfortable giving it to others, so Wally and Craig talk about various types of feedback, the difference between feedback and criticism and some tools to give the right kind of feedback. Wally and Craig will both be presenting at this year’s IPMA-HR Eastern Region conference June 25th-27th.

For more information on Wally you can offer up feedback (and criticism!) at


Episode 54 – 2012 Summer Movie Preview with Alan Cerny / audio

Summer Movie Preview

Alan Cerny (NordlingAICN on twitter) returns for his annual summer movie preview. Craig and Alan talk Prometheus, The Dark Knight Returns, The Amazing Spider-Man, Rock of Ages as well as Pixar’s Brave and other greats flicks due out this summer. Alan even gets Craig to reluctantly talk about the Expendables 2 and GI Joe. If you’re going to the movies, listen to this podcast first.

As always, Alan can be read at Aint it Cool News under the name Nordling.


Episode 53 – Special Agent Orlando Munoz – The FBI / audio


Special Agent Orlando “Orly” Munoz sits down with Craig at the FBI (yes, THAT FBI) Houston Division’s headquarters to talk about being a G-Man or G-Woman. Since Craig’s only frame of reference is TV and movies, he talks to Orly about how someone can become an agent, what the FBI does and what exactly is their jurisdiction. They also touch upon drugs, kidnapping, serial killers, Craig’s lack of a weapon and why Houston is a hotbed for almost all the crimes the FBI concentrate on.


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