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Episode 67 – Barry Elms – Negotiation / audio

Barry Elms calls in to talk negotiations with Craig. Barry explains that negotiation is more than just talk money and explains his 5 elements and 6 strategies to negotiating while Craig tries to understand that not everyone just “pays list or leaves”! See Craig and Barry at the Association of Legal Administrators Region 2 conference in Atlanta on Sept. 27th.

Barry can be found on LinkedIn and his own website


Episode 66 – Aidan Crawford – Book Marketing / audio

Aidan Crawford (@AidanCrawford on twitter) joins Craig to discuss marketing books in today’s world. Be it on kindle or on a bookshelf at Barnes and Nobles (are they still open??) Aidan offers Craig some tips and ideas on how you can market a book, especially if it’s NOT about vampires or spanking. Be it giving it away piece by piece, making videos for YouTube or using LinkedIn groups, there’s something in here for every author.

You can find Aidan via his company website


Episode 65 – Brian Walter – Engagement / audio


Brian Walter (@thebrianwalter on twitter…not the other one but @THEBrianWalter) comes to Houston and sits down with Craig to talk about audience engagement. They cover sarcasm, barriers and the odds of surviving! Despite all that it’s actually an engaging positive discussion that any presenter will learn from.

You can find more about Brian at his self-titled website!


Episode 64 – Anastasia Turchetta – Dental Health Check-Up 2012 / audio

Dental Health

Anastasia Turchetta (@anastasiaRDH on twitter) returns for the podcast’s annual dental health check-up. She explains dental health connections to sleep apnea, migraines, TMJ while also talking to Craig about the size of his airways and different methods of pain management.

Look for Anastasia on her Facebook page and her YouTube channel for her Wednesday’s Hump Day Happenings!


Episode 63 – Stephanie Vance – Lobbyists / audio


Stephanie Vance (@advocacyguru on Twitter) visits Craig while at the National Speakers Association convention in Indianapolis and chats about Lobbyists. They talk about Stephanie’s new book “The Influence Game “, what lobbyists actually do and how you can use their tactics (the ethical ones!) to be more influential in your own life.

Stephanie can be found at and you can get her new book at


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