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Episode 72 – Robert Siciliano – Cyber Security / audio

Robert Siciliano (@RobertSiciliano) – cyber security expert and now half-marathoner – joins Craig Price to talk about computer security. The internet is a strange and dangerous place, so Robert and Craig discuss ways to protect your identity online, personal responsibility (something Craig HATES!) and securing your cell phone from wannabe thieves. You may just quit the internet altogether after listening to this and join the Sentinelese (Google them).

Robert can be found at his self-named website


Episode 71 – Steve LaNore – Meteorology / audio

Steve LaNore (@SteveLanore on twitter) dispels some meteorological myths with Craig. Despite Craig’s disdain for some of the tactics used by TV weathermen, Steve (a working North Texas TV Meteorologist!) talks the truth about Heat Index and Wind Chill, do green skies mean tornadoes and why the forecast can change so rapidly. Steve also talks about his new e-book “Weather Wits and Science Snickers” available on

You can also find Steve’s book on Facebook


Episode 70 – Mike Dilbeck – Response Ability / audio

Response Ability

Mike Dilbeck ( @ResponseAbility on twitter ) joins Craig to discuss Mike’s Response Ability Project. Bystander behavior is very common but Mike and Craig discuss how to breakout of standing by and doing something. Together, they cover issues like racism, cutting, are police and fireman heroes and that’s just the start.

You can find out about Mike and the Response Ability Project at


Episode 69 – Greg Kozera – Fracking / audio

Greg Kozera joins Craig to discuss his new book “Just the Fracks, Ma’am: The TRUTH about Hydrofracking and the Next Great American Boom”. While this topic has recently become controversial, it’s actually been a process in use for quite a while. Greg answers Craig’s questions on water safety, earthquakes and reminds everyone to not take everything you hear at face value…including modern day documentaries.

You can learn more about Greg’s new book at


Episode 68 – Arin Reeves – Inclusion / audio

Arin Reeves (@ArinNReeves on Twitter) educates Craig on Inclusion. The two cover politics, arranged marriages, generational issues as well as Arin’s new book “The Next IQ: The Next Level of Intelligence for the 21st Century Leaders”. Both Arin and Craig will be at the Association of Legal Administrators Region 2 conference in Atlanta this September 28th and 29th.

You can find Arin and her book at


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