Episode 84 – Michael Krause – Sales Prospecting / audio

Sales Prospecting

Michael Krause (@SalesSense on Twitter) talks to host Craig Price about sales prospecting. It’s no secret that to make sales you need to find people who will buy from you. But who do you contact? How often? When does it cross the line from persistence to the awkward unwanted advances of a stalker? Michael has made it easy with his book “Smart Prospecting That Works Every Time!: Win More Clients with Fewer Cold Calls“. Michael set out a process with Craig on “touch” frequency since prospecting isn’t just calling on the phone, but could be direct mail, email, passenger pigeon (if you have the budget)…pretty much any way you can get your service or product in front of potential buyers. And while sales prospecting can be a numbers game, Michael really gets to the heart of the issue when he talks about following up, something most people don’t do or do poorly. They also talk about how too many sales prospectors ruin the experience for your potential buyers and what you need to build trust. If you’re a new or even an experienced sales person, this podcast has something for you.

Michael can be found at his professional website


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