Episode 81 – Patrick Allmond – Internet Marketing / audio

Internet Marketing

Patrick Allmond (@PatrickAllmond on twitter) checks in to set host Craig Price straight about Internet marketing. Internet marketing is more than just social media. Sure that’s a big part of it, but as Patrick explains it’s also email lists, web pages, pay-per-click ads and more. Patrick focuses on using analytics, utilizing squeeze pages (or landing pages is if you prefer) to get conversions versus just plain old web traffic and how to utilize keywords for both search engine optimization and YouTube videos.

As per usual, Craig is marketing adverse, especially when it comes to the internet and social media, thankfully Patrick brings a real grounded approach toward internet marketing, readily admitting there are some suspicious people (Craig calls them weasels) out there calling themselves experts. Patrick offers practical advice to all people regardless of how familiar you are with marketing, webdesign or the internet in general.While Patrick and Craig cover lots of ground in this podcast, it really is just the tip of the digital iceberg.

If you want to learn more about Patrick or his internet marketing consulting practice, go to  and check out all the great resources he and his firm has to offer. 



Barry Elms - 26. Mar, 2013 -

Good insights. What about buying email lists. Any thoughts on that?

Patrick Allmond - 26. Mar, 2013 -

I am not a fan of buying email lists if the emails were harvested without the consent of the email owner. However, paying to market to a targeted list of email subscribers is a great idea. You can often do this with people that have online newspapers and magazines. You pay for an email blast with the goal of getting them to your site for a great offer or a freebie. Then they are on your email list and life is awesome.

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