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Episode 199 – Phil Gerbyshak – Website Effectiveness / audio

website effectiveness

Phil Gerbyshak (@PhilGerb on twitter) returns to discuss website effectiveness with host Craig Price. We all have websites. Some spend thousands of dollars to have the latest and greatest sites with all the bells and whistles. And yet, they wonder why no one picks up the phone or emails them to make a sale. It might be because, while your site may look amazing, it doesn’t really say anything or show off your talents, programs or expertise. Phil has teamed up with past guest Eliz Greene to create a training program called which helps businesses assess and develop better websites that close business and generates sales. Phil and Craig talk simple mistakes most websites make (contact info anyone??), the differences between lead pages and home pages, why keywords are important to the reader and how to generate traffic to the beautiful temple you have created online.

You can find more about their program at and look4book (see what I did there?) later this month.

APP BONUS: Download a website self-assessment worksheet and see if your site needs help today!


Episode 179 – Scott McKain – Distinction / audio


Scott McKain (@ScottMcKain on twitter) joins host Craig Price about his book Create Distinction. Being unique is something we all strive for. So much so that it seems everyone is the doing the same things to be unique (think hipster beards and tribal tattoos). Scott talks about how companies makes themselves unique to attract customers, Craig repeats his anti-purple cow rant, how to figure out what to focus on to be distinctive (other than being great) and how small businesses can compete with big companies by being distinctive.  They also talk about how you need to know what your competition is before you can separate yourself from them. Far too many people don’t know what others are doing so they can stand out (I’m talking to you podcasters who don’t listen to podcasts!).

Scott can be found at the obvious  You can all find his book Create DistinctionWhat to Do When Great Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Business on amazon and all the regular places.


Episode 119 – Dawnna St. Louis – Confidence / audio


Dawnna St. Louis (@DawnnaStLouis on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss confidence. Typically, Craig wouldn’t have a speaker come talk about confidence because it usually ends up in the realm of unicorn fart and rainbows. You know, too much fluff not enough real stuff. But Dawnna proves her ideas on confidence and entrepreneurship are more than grounded in reality. The two realists talk about her soon to be released book “Mojo Mogul“,  Steve Jobs, Hitler (not at the same time!), what are gut feelings and intuition and how there is more to confidence than being over-confident. It’s a wide ranging episode that covers many issues entrepreneurs face every day on their way to mogul-dom. 

You can learn all about Dawnna at her obviously named website – She’s like Prince, Cher and Sade! 


Episode 104 – Brian Brandt – Strategic Planning / audio

Strategic Planning

Brian Brandt joins host Craig Price to discuss strategic planning. This is another  Association of Legal Administrators Region 4 conference breakout speakers spotlight! Not only join Brian and Craig in  Albuquerque NM on Oct. 4th but the two are also at the Region 6 conference in Reno, NV on November 1st! Go to  to learn more. 

While planning of any type can be a bit daunting, being strategic about it can be even more confounding. Craig struggles to figure out how to balance his need to be present and in the moment with the long term vision required for strategic planning, Thankfully, Brian sets Craig straight as they discuss having those usually avoided but highly necessary difficult conversations about planning BEFORE you think about implementing them, asking yourself if a new plan is necessary and how metrics are such an important part of figuring out what’s working. As Brian explains, sometimes after a planning sessions understanding that no action is needed can often be better than any action you can take. And Craig can totally relate to inaction!

You can learn more about Brian Brandt by visiting his company’s website at


Episode 80 – Eliz Greene – Speaker Strategy / audio

speaker strategy

Eliz Greene (@ElizGreene on Twitter) returns to talk about her new venture as a Speaker Tactician.

She offers insights, speaker strategy, and if necessary professional nagging! Eliz  and host Craig Price talk about the need for master mind groups, how to put a master mind group together (hint: Eliz can help!), what makes a good speaker website (pretty is okay but it better get you WORK!) and the most important need of all personal accountability.

Eliz Greene will keep you on course, on schedule, and consistent with the speaker you are on the platform.  She delves deep into your business to provide insight on what you may miss because you are so busy working your business.  More than a speaker coach with a cookie cutter plan for you to follow, Eliz provides individualized insight and attention as well as crafting facilitated mastermind groups to propel your success.

She’s so good at speaker strategy and branding that I had to tell people:

“Eliz Greene was of immeasurable value while creating my book “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide”. She didn’t just proofread it and offer grammatical changes. She pointed out highlights, suggested deletions but more importantly gave her reasons for each. I was expecting a few notes yet she had a thorough nine page document that shaped the final product so it was aligned with my business and brand. She’s kind but direct, thoughtful and whip-smart. I would recommend her without hesitation to any who want to improve their business, marketing materials or products.”  – Craig Price

Eliz’s speaker tactician services can be found at 


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