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Episode 26 – Tim Mathy – Speakers Bureaus / audio

Episode 26 - Tim Mathy - Speakers Bureaus

Tim Mathy, partner at Speak Inc. speakers bureau, offers up a true reality check for speakers wanting to get involved with a bureau. From incessant calls to unsolicited mailings, Tim dispels myths many speakers have about bureaus and let’s Craig know exactly what he’s looking for in a speaker (hint: What the Client wants!!) and how he prefer’s speakers contact him (Answer: He doesn’t.) Craig somehow manages to avoid being blacklisted from Tim’s Bureau (he thinks so anyway) while asking honest questions. A great interview for new speakers breaking in or looking to get into the business.

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Episode 22 – Jonathan “Vinny Verelli” Schwartz – Characters / audio

Episode 22 - Jonathan "Vinny Verelli" Schwartz - Characters

Jonathan Schwartz has been called plenty of names, but the one most often that can be published is Vinny Verelli. Jon talks with Craig about theater, prison¬†performances¬† their infamous pasts as mimes and most importantly, how Vinny Verelli came to be. Craig also talks about his crazy time on the road at the National Speaker’s Association in Anaheim and a chance encounter with a childhood icon, Frank Oz.

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Episode 4 – Robert Bradford – Strategy

Episode 4 - Robert Bradford - Strategy

Robert Bradford with Center for Simplified Strategic Planning joins Craig this week and in this battle of wits, Craig is severely outgunned.

The two talk failure, the inherent risks of strategy, the multi-talented, all-purpose “widget” and a bit more into pricing than Craig is comfortable with. It’s Ivy League meets Out-of-his League on this latest podcast.


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