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Episode 80 – Eliz Greene – Speaker Strategy / audio

speaker strategy

Eliz Greene (@ElizGreene on Twitter) returns to talk about her new venture as a Speaker Tactician.

She offers insights, speaker strategy, and if necessary professional nagging! Eliz  and host Craig Price talk about the need for master mind groups, how to put a master mind group together (hint: Eliz can help!), what makes a good speaker website (pretty is okay but it better get you WORK!) and the most important need of all personal accountability.

Eliz Greene will keep you on course, on schedule, and consistent with the speaker you are on the platform.  She delves deep into your business to provide insight on what you may miss because you are so busy working your business.  More than a speaker coach with a cookie cutter plan for you to follow, Eliz provides individualized insight and attention as well as crafting facilitated mastermind groups to propel your success.

She’s so good at speaker strategy and branding that I had to tell people:

“Eliz Greene was of immeasurable value while creating my book “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide”. She didn’t just proofread it and offer grammatical changes. She pointed out highlights, suggested deletions but more importantly gave her reasons for each. I was expecting a few notes yet she had a thorough nine page document that shaped the final product so it was aligned with my business and brand. She’s kind but direct, thoughtful and whip-smart. I would recommend her without hesitation to any who want to improve their business, marketing materials or products.”  – Craig Price

Eliz’s speaker tactician services can be found at 


Episode 79 – Bill Patti – Voice / audio

Reality Check with Craig Price - Episode 79 - Bill Patti - Voice

Bill Patti brings his polished show-bizy vocals to the podcast to talk to Host Craig Price about using your voice to fit your lifestyle needs.

Bill uses his award winning radio and TV experience to talk about breathing (Craig’s been doing it the wrong way!) controlling your voice so you can control a listener (like hypnosis only completely and utterly different), glottal fry (not to be confused with the Eagles Glenn Fry) and the vocal differences between accents and generations. If only there was a way to convey all this information to you (SPOILER – it’s your mouth!)

Improving your voice can improve your self-esteem, how people perceive you and how successful you will become. Bill Patti coaches people from all walks of life. You can learn about him, his services and purchase his 2 CD set called “Presenting Your New Voice-Voice/Speech Communication Skills For The 21st Century” that features 100 minutes of exercises at  his website


Episode 65 – Brian Walter – Engagement / audio


Brian Walter (@thebrianwalter on twitter…not the other one but @THEBrianWalter) comes to Houston and sits down with Craig to talk about audience engagement. They cover sarcasm, barriers and the odds of surviving! Despite all that it’s actually an engaging positive discussion that any presenter will learn from.

You can find more about Brian at his self-titled website!


Episode 49 – Lois Creamer – Positioning / audio

Lois Creamer (@loiscreamer on twitter) sits down with Craig immediately after her presentation “Book More Business” and talks being a speaker. More like the business of being a speaker. Craig weasels information for himself under the guise of podcasting, getting Lois to talk position statements, leveraging testimonials, understanding who your target market is, their different perspectives on Toastmasters and why Craig dislikes Purple Cows.

Lois Creamer can help speakers build their business at


Episode 31 – Avish Parashar – Improvisation / audio

Episode 31 - Avish Parashar - Improvisation

Avish Parashar stops by to talk about improvisation. He and Craig discuss being Indian, using comedy to pick-up women (Spoiler: You can’t!) improv as a tool and how being authentic and in the moment can lead to performance magic.

Avish is also hosting a 4 day workshop in Las Vegas Oct. 13-16. Visit for more information. You can also learn more about Avish at his blog and


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