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Episode 135 – NSA Speakers RoundTable – LIVE from San Diego!! / audio

Speakers Roundtable LIVE

Live from San Diego in front of an actual audience, host Craig Price has another speakers round-table! This year, the National Speakers Association invited Craig to do his podcast as part of their annual convention. Craig loaded this speakers round-table with past guests like Judson Laipply, Jessica Pettitt, Avish Parashar as well as welcoming hall of fame speakers Mikki Williams and Dale Irvin to the show. The big announcement of the convention was the new branding of the association now called Platform. The group discusses the pros and cons and then gets into questions about being a speaker. Where do you find mentors, how do you balance speaking with also having a partner (or not having a partner!) and much more.

You can learn more about all of these great speakers at their websites:

Judson –  (@JudsonLaipply on twitter)
Jessica – (@jesspettitt on twitter)
Avish – (@avishp on twitter)
Mikki – (@mikkiwilliams on twitter)
Dale – (@ProSummarizer on twitter)

APP BONUS: Avish, Craig, Judson and Jessica stick around to answer audience questions like how do you approach potential clients when you have a heavy topic, what was your worst gig and more!

SPONSOR: This episode was sponsored by Short Circuit Media

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Episode 129 – Michael Goldberg – Convention Networking / audio

NSA Convention

Michael Goldberg (@MEGoldberg on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss convention networking at the upcoming NSA Convention. The two talk about their involvement in the 2014 National Speakers Association’s annual conference where Craig will be recording a LIVE Reality Check podcast on July 2nd at 3:30pm CST in the Learning Lounge and Michael will be presenting two first-timers sessions with Glenna Salsbury at 2pm on June 29th and 7:30am (yikes!) on June 30th. They talk about the feeling of overwhelming many new attendees get at such a large conference, Michael’s involvement in the conference “Buddy” program, how to effectively follow up after the conference and why Craig refers to aspects of the convention as the Star Wars Cantina.  They also discuss the great charity they both are a part of: Cigar PEG and why Michael is the de facto bartender for the infamous Cigar PEG suite (think networking!). A great listen for any attendee, be it a veteran or newbie.

Michael can be found at

The National Speakers Association’s Annual Convention is this June 29th until July 2nd at the Grand Hyatt Manchester in sunny San Diego!  See everyone there (especially for the live podcast!).

APP BONUS: Read “5 Reasons Why You Don’t Get More Referrals” and start using your networking to better your business.


Episode 100 – Speakers Roundtable / audio

Speakers Roundtable

Host Craig Price celebrates the 100th episode with a speakers roundtable. A collection of past guests (and a new one) talk about being a speaker, their mistakes and why they do it.

During the National Speakers Association convention this past July, Craig gathered Avish Parashar, Robert Bradford, Steve Rizzo, Jess Pettitt and new friend Patrick Maurer to talk about the ups and downs of being a speaker. What is a professional speaker? Is it just the check that makes you a professional or is there more to it? What do other speakers do that irritates you? What monumental mistakes have you made (this is where the explicit tag comes into play!)? Why do you do what you do?  Get ready for a fun, enlightening discussion as Craig juggles 5 guests at the same time! 

Some huge thanks go to Ed Rigsbee with the Cigar PEG for the location. Finding a place for 6 people to record was a daunting task but Ed made it easy peasy. Please go to and learn about this great charity and how you can contribute. Also thanks to past guest Chip Lutz for being the bouncer at the speakers roundtable. He was the sole audient (is that a word? it is now) and kept the riff-raff out of the room while the podcast was being recorded. 

One of the cool things about the convention was that so many past guests were in attendance so Craig commissioned a quick group photo to commemorate the occasion.

group photo 2013



Episode 98 – Hayley Foster – TEDx / audio


Hayley Foster (@HayleyFoster on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss TEDx events. With the TEDx format becoming more and more popular, Hayley Foster explains what a TEDx talk is, what the biggest mistakes professional keynoters make when trying to take their traditional talk and put it into the TED format. Think of TED as a liquid concentrate presentation instead of the watered down sugary kool aid of a keynote. It’s all about having an idea worth spreading, an idea that you can explain in a succinct yet engaging way. There’s no room for extra padding here! Hayley even explains that the audience has to apply to even attended! Getting the idea in front of the right people to create innovation, it’s an intriguing concept.

 Hayley has just released her new 64-page mini booklet specifically written to help professional speakers called “Don’t Tank Your TED Talk! 12 Mistakes Professional Speakers Make“.

After working with well over a hundred speaking professionals, and coaching hundreds of TEDx talks, Hayley has identified why content directors avoid professional speakers. As it turns out, some of those same behaviors and training, that have enabled your professional speaking success, are the exactly those which can contribute to one terrible TED/TEDx talk.

You can learn more about Hayley at


Episode 85 – Roger Courville – Virtual Presentations / audio

Virtual Presentations

Roger Courville (@RogerCourville on Twitter) connects with host Craig Price to discuss Virtual Presentations. With the rise of the internet (sounds like a cheesy action movie!) social media and mobile technology, more and more presentations are coming off the stage and being created online. Roger and Craig talk about some of the growing pains of webinars and it’s ilk, how to get audiences attention when they’re not in the room and how to create more interaction via these programs. Roger answers some loaded questions submitted by loyal listeners and tries to show that even though some virtual presentations may be painful to experience now, don’t blame the tools, blame the presenters. He also offers some tools for presenters who offer online presentations as well as insights on which are more effective than others.

Roger can be found at 


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