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Episode 78 – Steve Rizzo – Attitude Shifting / audio

Episode 78 - Steve Rizzo - Attitude Shifting

Steve Rizzo (@RealSteveRizzo on twitter) visits the podcast to talk about his new book “Get Your Shift Together”. Host Craig Price and Steve talk about their experiences doing stand-up, the fear of success and when people put their happiness on hold. A National Speakers Association Hall of Fame speaker, Steve also talks about his time with Rodney Dangerfield, how accomplishment doesn’t equal happiness and why we need to keep a positive attitude if we want to shift toward success.

You can learn more about Steve’s book “Get Your SHIFT Together: How to Think, Laugh, and Enjoy Your Way to Success in Business and in Life” at Steve’s website 


Episode 25 – Scott McKain – Motivation / audio

Episode 25 - Scott McKain - Motivation

Scott McKain, NSA Hall of Famer, comes on the podcast to discuss a topic Craig is usually loathe to talk about: Motivation. Not that Craig dislikes the topic but “Motivational Speakers”. Thankfully Scott is NOT one of those. Though he is a smooth sounding, content driven speaker with the ability to motivate! They discuss enthusiasm vs. motivation, dealing with large audiences, Craig invents a new term “Country Dropping” and near the end Scott turns the tables on Craig and starts interviewing him for a change!!

Learn more about Scott at his obviously named website as well as his new book “Collapse of Distinction“.


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