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Episode 50 – Maria Matarelli – Agile Management / audio

Agile Management

Maria Matarelli (@mariamatarelli on twitter) calls in to discuss her Agile Management program she will be presenting on May 24th at the Project Management Institute-Rochester Chapter’s Professional Development Day. While Craig’s limited knowledge of Agile is more than obvious, he does manage to get some understanding on Scrum, Velocity and thanks to Maria, invent Smokey and the Bandit Management.

You can register for the May 24th PMI-Rochester PDD at and you can learn more about Maria at or connect with her via LinkedIn.


Episode 44 – Gina Abudi – Project Management / audio

Project Management

Gina Abudi (@GinaAbudi on twitter) talks to Craig about Project Management. Since Gina is the current president of the Mass Bay Project Management Institute, who better to explain about what project management is, how it can be applied to small business and how important risk management is to any project.

You can learn more about Gina at her aptly named website


Episode 42 – Ralph Peterson – Housekeeping / audio


Ralph Peterson (@SpeakerRalphP on Twitter) reunites with Craig to talk housekeeping management. Craig was a guest on Ralph’s The Housekeeper’s Podcast (episode 316) so it’s only fair that Ralph returns the favor. They talk tipping hotel housekeepers, Craig’s disdain for a world that is becoming too specialized and how to deal with workers who would rather being doing a different job.

You can find Ralph at


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