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Vote Reality Check for Best General Podcast

Nominate the Podcast for an Award

The Podcast Awards started their nominations. I thought, maybe I’d see if the show might make it through the nomination process. If you have the time, please nominate the show under the “General” category. The more individual votes I get the more likely I will get nominated and that’s when the real voting begins. Below are the rules, directly copied from the Podcast Awards website. Please share with people if you can!


Starting today the main page at will open for nominations. There will be a entry for each category. Please note that you only get to fill this nomination ballet out one time, if you leave categories blank you cannot go back later and submit those additional categories a second time! Please nominate a individual show in each category.

  1. You can nominate the Podcasts you want to submit “One Time Only” (Once you hit Submit you’re done for 2015).
  2. You should “not” submit the same show in multiple categories, aka only 1 show per category is allowed .(See Line 3 for Exception)
  3. You can nominate a show for “People’s Choice” or “Best Produced” , and also submit that show to another lower category (This is the only exception to line 2)
  4. Do not abuse the system and submit a single show in multiple categories!
  5. The nomination form will contain the following:
  • Podcast name you are nominating (Please Try to get this correct)
    Reality Check With Craig Price
  • Podcast URL.
  • Your Name
  • Your Verifiable E-mail Address
  • Comments are critical so the reviewing team understand why a show is deserving of being nominated to the category.

Make sure your e-mail address is valid, as they will be using special validation techniques to check the validity of the account, a percentage of the nominations will receive an e-mail several days after the nomination in which you will have to verify the nomination. No verifications will be sent immediately and not all nominators will receive a verification e-mail.

Nominations will halt at 2359 EST Jan 30, 2015

Thanks for helping out!

Episode 150 – Alan Cerny – 2014 Holiday Movie Preview / audio

2014 Holiday Movie Preview

Alan Cerny (@nordlingAICN on twitter) check in for his annual Holiday Movie Preview with host Craig Price. The air is crisp (in some places snow has already fallen) – egg nog is in the stores and the smell of turkey is everywhere. That means Alan is here to give us an idea what to expect while we’re avoiding shoppers by hiding in the theaters. The two talk about some poor excuses for sequels, obvious oscar-bait and some hidden gems of the yule-tide season.

Movies include:

Bad Bosses

Penguins of Madagascar


Inherent Vice

Exodus: Gods and Kings

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


Into the Woods

The Gambler

The Interview

American Sniper


APP BONUS: Download the app and listen to a full bonus episode of Alan and Craig discussing their choices for the best movies of 2014.


Episode 149 – Abby Kohut – Job Searches / audio

job search

Abby Kohut (@Absolutely_Abby on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss job searches. It seems everyone is always looking for a job and with the downturn a few years back, more people were unexpectedly looking for a job. That’s when Abby Kohut (Absolutely Abby to her fans) started a crusade to get 1 million people hired. But, you can’t get hired until you find another job. Being gainfully employed full time for the past 12 years, Craig is completely out of the loop in the job search department. Times have changed and some issues that weren’t a reality when he last looked for work are coming to the forefront. Abby and Craig discuss where to look for a job, why networking is the most important part of your job search, interview techniques and how social media can really mess things up for you (even though they say it shouldn’t). They also discuss the hidden job market, if potential employers prefer you to already have a job and if they prefer whether you’ve had that job for awhile or not!

You can learn more about Abby at and even get a free teleseminar by signing up at


Episode 148 – Thom Singer – Entrepreneurs / audio


Thom Singer (@thomsinger on Twitter) returns to talk about his new podcast Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do with host Craig Price. It seems podcasting guests are few and far between so when Craig heard Thom was starting up a new podcast dealing with entrepreneurs, he knew he needed to get Thom back on the show. The two discuss Thom’s show, how podcasting has opened up his network (even though he’s a master at it!) and what he’s learned talking to entrepreneurs. Craig also shares his insights into why Thom’s podcast has rocketed atop the iTunes (a good show is only one reason) and some of the ways Thom could use his podcast along side his Conference Catalyst program. If you’re on the fence about podcasting for your business you have to listen to this episode.

You can subscribe to Thom’s podcast via iTunes and learn more about Thom’s speaking at


Episode 147 – Reeve Hamilton – 2014 Texas Elections / audio

2014 Texas Elections

Reeve Hamilton (@ReeveHamilton on Twitter) with the Texas Tribune joins host Craig Price to talk about the 2014 Texas elections. When it comes to politics, Craig knows just enough to get himself into trouble, so instead of just relying on himself to figure out what’s happening this mid-term election, he reached out to the host of Texas Tribune Tribcast to help set him straight. Reeve is a reporter for the Tribune and the two discuss the recent Texas Voter ID law controversy and if voter fraud is really a concern, will Texas ever “flip” to a blue state, why the Lt. Governorship is important here in Texas and why so many races are not even close. There’s something for every voter, even if you don’t live in the Lone Star State!

You can hear Reeve host the Texas Tribune Tribcast which features a rotating cast of Tribune reporters, editors and special guests. The TribCast is an informal – and at times amusing – discussion of Texas politics and policy. on Soundcloud or on  iTunes and read his articles at


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